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The Center for Kinesthetic Education was founded and is directed by Martha Eddy, RSMT, Ed.D., CMA. Through private sessions, lectures, classes, programs and training Martha Eddy and the CKE professional team seek to enhance body-mind-emotional (somatic) awareness, with the goal of enabling a wide range of people to more fully enjoy the satisfactions of life. Each individual and group program is tailored for particular needs - from infants and their families with familiar or special needs, to women living with breast cancer, to children learning academics, dance, fitness, and physical education through kinesthetic education, to older people seeking improved breath and balance.

CKE staff use exercise, movement, dance and kinesthetic awareness as an integrated approach to learning and wellness. Martha Eddy has designed programs now offered through CKE in:

  • Specialized health arenas
  • Individualized movement therapy for infants through adults
  • K-12 education
  • Professional training

At the heart of all of CKE’s programs is movement. Movement is the kinesthetic pathway to physical health, cognitive learning, emotional expression, and neuro-developmental growth, an inherently integrative approach. As examples of our integrative approach at CKE:
We use dance, creative expression, and cooperation to bring out the joy and positive social-emotional aspects of movement activity and therapeutic exercise.

Our wellness approaches to exercise can serve to reduce stress and pain while fostering positive lifestyle changes.

Our creative interactions and neuro-developmental strategies support improved cognitive performance.

Attention is paid in every class or session to perceptual skills, learning style and movement expression to address the whole person and his or her motivation.

A community (e.g., whole family, whole school, whole department) approach is valued whenever possible.

A team approach of developmental movement therapy, somatic education (Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, & Laban Movement Analsysis), occupational therapy, Pilates, Yoga, and educational consulting is available.
Our affiliated services include acupuncture, speech therapy, Tomatis Listening skills, homeopathy, neuro-fascial treatment, and pediatric physical therapy.

Classes Offered on-site:

  • Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement
  • Experiential Anatomy
  • Eye Relaxation
  • Kids Yoga
  • Moving On Aerobics for women with Breast Cancer
  • Reducing Scoliosis through Movement
  • Small Group Pilates
  • Small Group Yoga
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